Scientific Board


The value of MedSIR lies in its ability to bring together the top experienced minds in the domain of Oncology along with identifying rising stars worldwide in order to guarantee top-level clinical trial designs that significantly and positively impact patient lives. This is a never-ending and evolving process that relies on international networking and an active presence in the four corners of the globe.

Scientific Board

«The value of MedSIR lies in its ability to bring together the top experienced minds in the domain of Oncology -and other Areas- along with identifying rising stars worldwide»

Our Core Network of Experts is made up of Drs. Antonio Llombart, Javier Cortés, Carlos Barrios, Xavier Pivot and Sunil Verma. Not only do strategic ideas continuously originate from the minds of these experts, but they, and others, also play the key role of expert reviewers of ideas originating from external Oncologists. The geographical reach, the many years of top level experience, the ability to understand current market trends and predict future ones, and their everyday contact with patients around the world all help to add an invaluable touch to MedSIR clinical trials, studies, and projects.

  • A. Llombart

    Dr. Antonio Llombart MD, PhD is Chairman of the Medical Oncology Service at the University Hospital Arnau de Vilanova in Valencia, Spain and founding partner of Medica Scientia Innovation Research (MedSIR).

    He received his medical training in Pamplona and Valencia, finalizingin a Medical Oncology degree fromthe University Hospital in Valencia. After his fellowship period (1994 to 1997) in the Breast Cancer Unit at Institute Gustave Roussy (Villejuif, France) focusing on new drugs (phase I and II studies), he became a medical staff member for two years in this french institution. Upon his return to Valencia, he chaired the Breast Cancer Research Unit at the Instituto Valenciano de Oncologia and, later, at the Medical Oncology Service of the University Hospital Arnau de Vilanova in Lleida, Spain, with a multidisciplinary scientific clinical unit made up of pharmacologists, surgeons, pathologists and biologists working with cytotoxic and molecular agents both in human and animal models. His main current focus is on translational clinical trials and correlative science in the neoadjuvant management of breast cancer patients.

    He is an active member of the Spanish and European clinical oncology community, working together with many international co-operative groups (BIG, GEICAM, SOLTI) and designing innovative clinical trials. He is also a Board Member of the Spanish Society of Medical Oncology.

    Antonio is also en expert consultant for several pharmaceutical companies (Eli Lilly, Novartis, Pfizer Oncology and Boehringer Ingelheim, Pierre Fabre) as well as the Institut National du Cancer (INCA), Paris, France. His contributions, as a member of the International Scientific Committee, in several pivotal international studies in breast cancer (P024, ZO-FAST) have helped to develop new drugs and, also, new therapeutical strategies.

    He is a member of Editorial Board of the journal Oncologie, La revue francophone de formation en Oncologie and author of more than 70 peer-reviewed publications.

  • J. Cortés

    Dr. Javier Cortés is a deputy Director of the Breast Cancer and Melanoma Department of the Vall d’Hebron Hospital in Barcelona, Head of the Breast Cancer Program in the Vall d’Hebron Institute of Oncology (VHIO) and founding partner of Medica Scientia Innovation Research (MedSIR).

    Following his Degree in Medicine and Surgery from theUniversidad Autónoma de Madrid in 1996, he concluded hisMedical Oncology studies at the Clínica Universitaria de Navarra, with the title of Doctor in Medical Oncology. He was Associate Professor of Oncology in the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Navarra during this period. Since 2003, he has worked in the Department of Medical Oncology at the Hospital Vall d’Hebron, Barcelona, where, currently, he is Coordinator of the Breast Cancer Training Programme for senior specialists with a special interest in New Drug Development.

    With a robust knowledge of statistics and methodology in health science investigation, includinga Master degree, he consolidated his academic background with the university degree of Master in Medical and Clinical Management, from the National University of Distance Education (UNED)

    Focused onpatient’s care, he founded the “International Cancer Consultants” (, a company dedicated to the second expert opinion on the diagnosis, prognosis and treatment options for cancer patients and their families and, at the same time, he promoted the creation of the FUSEON Foundation (FUSEON Foundation), which aims to cover the cost of obtaining a second opinion of patients with cancer and who are in economic difficulty.

    Dr. Cortés is an active member of the Spanish Society of Medical Oncology and, since November 2008, has been a member of the Scientific Committee of the Cooperative Group SOLTI and Scientific Committee of the International Congress on Anti-Cancer Treatment (ICACT) (Paris). He actively participates in more than 80 national and international clinical trials, with a special focus onnovel molecular targets and new chemotherapy agents.

    Author of four books and more than 70 publications, mainly in breast and pulmonary tumours, he is also an ad hoc reviewer of various oncology journals.

  • C.Barrios

    Dr. Carlos Henrique Barrios has been a Professor of the Internal Medicine Department and the Director of the Oncology Research Unit at Hospital São Lucas, Pontifícia Universidade Católica do Rio Grande do Sul (PUCRS) in Porto Alegre, Brazil, since 1991. Currently, Dr. Barrios is also the Director of the Cancer Institute at the Hospital Mãe de Deu in Porto Alegre and the Director of the Latin American Clinical Oncology Research Group (GLICO).

    Dr. Barrios graduated from the Pontifícia Universidade Católica do Rio Grande do Sul in 1979. After training in Internal Medicine at Jackson Memorial Hospital (University of Miami, Florida) from 1982-1985, he went on to complete a Hematology and Oncology Fellowship at Barnes/Jewish Hospitals (Washington University, St. Louis, Missouri) from 1985-1988. He was a Clinical Instructor in the Department of Medicine at Washington University in 1989. He has obtained the following certifications: ECFMG (1978); VQE (1981); FLEX; Board of Medical Examiners, Florida (1985); American Board of Internal Medicine (1986); American Board of Oncology (1987); and American Board of Hematology (1988).

    Dr. Barrios has been an Adjuvant Assistant Professor of the Department of Medicine at the University of Miami School of Medicine since 1990 and the local representative of the William J. Harrington Latin American Program. He has participated in many clinical trials over the last 10 years. He has numerous publications in professional medical journals and is often invited as a speaker at cancer congresses worldwide.

  • S. Verma

    Dr. Sunil Verma, MD, MSEd, FRCPC is an Associate Professor at the University of Toronto and a Medical Oncologist at the Sunnybrook Odette Cancer Centre. He completed his medical degree and postgraduate training in Internal Medicine and Medical Oncology at the University of Alberta in Canada. Dr. Verma also completed a fellowship in breast cancer at the University of Toronto and a Masters degree in Medical Education at the University of Southern California.

    Dr. Verma is internationally recognized for his research and education leadership in breast and lung cancer and is the Chair of Breast Medical Oncology at Sunnybrook Odette Cancer Centre. His research interests include reducing the toxicity of systemic treatment, developing novel therapies for breast and lung cancer, and medical education. He is the principal investigator for many trials in breast and lung cancer including an international Phase III trial in breast cancer. He has led and created numerous innovative educational projects in Oncology and has won several teaching and mentoring awards. He has authored or co-authored articles appearing in such publications as the Journal of Clinical Oncology, Cancer, The Oncologist, and Lancet Oncology.

  • X. Pivot

    Dr. Xavier Pivot graduated in Medical Oncology from the University of Nice-Sophia-Antipolis in 1996 and later continued his studies in pharmacology at the University of Paris and Marseille, obtaining the degree of Doctor of Pharmacology.

    He began his career as a deputy at the Breast Pathology Service of the Institut Gustave Roussy in Paris and later at the Centre Antoine Lacassagne in Nice. For five years, between 2002 and 2007, he was part of the French Committee of Oncology Drug Approval (GTOH-Affasps).

    He has chaired the research group in breast cancer at the Institut National du Cancer (INCA) for the last seven years and is an active member of U645 INSERM (National Institute of Medical Scientific Research) in the fields of Immunology and Oncology. Moreover, since 2005, he has served as the Medical Director of the Institut du Cancerologie Regional Federatif.

    Breast and head and neck cancer and the pharmacological aspects related to oncology have marked the outlines of their work in research, authoring and/or co-authoring more than 140 scientific references.

    He is currently Professor at the Université de Franche-Comté where he chairs the Department of Medical Oncology, Hematology and Radiation CHU Besançon – Hôpital Jean Minjoz.