5 Bright Years

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Wow! It’s hard to believe how time flies when you’re having fun! 5 years, about 190 ideas, 620 patients and 20 studies ago, a small innovative company by the name of MedSIR was born in the middle of a vibrant Mediterranean city. That day the minds and visions of a few individuals came together to brainstorm, not necessarily who they were, but how they wanted to see the future of Clinical Cancer Research and how they could contribute to making it just a little bit better for everybody: researchers, companies, and, most of all, the many patients who suffer from this still difficult-to-understand disease.

In the minds of MedSIR’s founders, a lot of improvement could be made to what is known as the IIS (Investigator-Initiated Study) sector of clinical drug development. From the way in which ideas are developed into strategic studies that make sense all the way through to how these trials are managed, these pioneers identified various cracks in the traditional way of doing things and set out to reconstruct the field.

Today, 5 years later, MedSIR is now a small, yet extremely out-of-the-box, private company that has already set sail and is steadily coasting far from the coast. Waters are at times turbulent but that doesn’t keep this dynamic team from continuing to row forward in unison. Where strong belief exists, there are perseverant and strong (almost stubborn) minds that won’t stop until the goal is reached.

Our voyage, which hopefully brings us to new and even more stimulating horizons, can be measured not in distance, but in patients treated and studies carried out. We have reached 20 clinical projects and have enrolled over 600 patients. These are no doubt wonderful results -far removed from our first small phase 0, 6-patient study that launched the company- but we hope that they will continue to steadily grow as we branch off into new tumor-types and distant geographical areas.

MedSIR will continue to work with no mental nor physical boundaries, trying to work with the best whoever, wherever…. Because, simply put, that’s how we think things should be done to guarantee the best options for patients.

Lastly, we would like to thank all those who have helped us like the many private pharma companies and small biotechs who have financed our projects. A huge thank you as well to all the participating centers, study teams, and the individual investigators who have confidently sent us their ideas to develop into better lives for cancer patients. And, of course, an even bigger thank you to those 600+ patients and their families who have put their trust and hope in our many trials. It is you who drive us each and everyday to make things better!!

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