AACR Annual Meeting 2017

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The annual American Association for Cancer Research (AACR) meeting represents a great deal for us as people and for our company. It is here, each year, where we get glimpses of the future of Cancer Research and how what we do today can greatly impact the lives of many of tomorrow’s patients. The complexity of the disease is just mind-boggling, quite frankly, scary. But, witnessing, in person, how the many great minds of international scientific and clinical researchers come together to unravel Cancer’s intricacies brings hope to all of us who, on a daily basis, are confronted with its challenges.

On a practical basis, AACR represents a platform for dynamic interactions MedSIR seeks with both the top minds in the game as well as established and new companies, both pharma and biotechs. MedSIR strives on the identification of the best strategic ideas out there and the development of these ideas into coherent and strategic trials. There really is no better place than AACR for MedSIR to plant the seeds for improving patient lives in the future.

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