ASCO 2017

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“Now this could only happen to a guy like me And only happen in a town like this So may I say to each of you most gratefully As I throw each one of you a kiss…”

…After 4 years attending ASCO, MedSIR can happily sing along to Ol’ Blue Eyes’ “Chicago is my kind of town”. It’s truly a great place for us as well, as it represents the location where every year everyone involved in this long and tough fight against cancer comes together. For the last 5 years MedSIR has experienced great success in the windy city, meeting and bringing together experts from all around the world; whether top clinical researchers who are currently leading some of the world’s most prestigious teams; young rising stars who combine strong will and a new way of viewing things; Pharma leaders with years of experience in strategic clinical trial design; molecular biologists working on the deep molecular intricacies of treatment resistance; and patient associations fighting this daily battle.

Although we have many meetings already lined up for the 2017 event, we enthusiastically invite you to proactively GET IN TOUCH WITH US to meet at ASCO. It would be our great pleasure. We firmly believe that only by bringing people and groups together will we make large steps forward towards an eventual victory versus the “Emperor of all Maladies”…

“…And each time I leave, Chicago is Tuggin’ my sleeve, Chicago is The Wrigley building, Chicago is The union stockyard, Chicago is One town that won’t let you down… It’s MedSIR’s kind of town…”

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