Chalk up another victory for our Operations Team!!

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“The success of MedSIR is not only due to its capability of quickly and strategically designing potentially practice-changing clinical trials. It is also very much due to its highly professional Clinical Operations Team which is continuously attempting to find ways of improving the efficiency of this domain.

We know that our clients greatly value both the speed and quality of MedSIR study execution, but significant challenges still lie ahead that we need to overcome in order to get studies completed faster and results published sooner, potentially benefitting many patients and their families as soon as possible.

One of the opportunities lies in patient empowerment and our own Anna Gibernau, MedSIR’s Executive Director, has been invited to speak at the “3rd CMPRR Summit Risk Based Monitoring Study Feasibility and Forming Alliances” in Barcelona from October 25th to 26th regarding “Patient Empowerment: relationships to drive enrollment, collaborations & partnerships with sites”. Please find more information at the following site:

Anna Gibernau

The CMPRR summit, for those of you who are not aware, “is targeted for professionals who are always seeking for new opportunities, visionary ways of conducting performance. Monitoring is key to the success of clinical trials and the role of the monitor is varied and ever-changing. Ensuring monitoring meets the key objectives regarding subject safety and data quality requires a range of skills, knowledge and experience. This meeting is designed to provide an opportunity for clinical & medical professionals to develop and hone skills and knowledge, share experiences and learn from each other thus enabling them to improve their performance and ultimately to play their part in, study start-ups, study feasibility, outsourcing strategies, delivering clinical trials to time, cost and quality standards”

We are very much looking forward to Anna’s talk as well as all the other exciting lectures during this 2-day summit! “

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