Commitment to Quality


Over the past decade, Clinical Research in Oncology and in general has been a domain that has experienced major logistical and organizational changes. A result of this evolution is the birth of unique and innovative companies like MedSIR.

MedSIR defines the term “Quality” as an ample concept that is present in each and every daily company activity, going far beyond just purely formal aspects and which is developed under strict criteria regarding resource efficiency, flexibility and optimization. For MedSIR, Quality is a key component that guarantees competitiveness.

«MedSIR strives to preserve the value of scientific knowledge, adding organizational structures that improve human and economic resource efficiency»

The Quality Policy should serve as a mechanism through which the company can achieve and maintain the high level of excellence that MedSIR continuously seeks. For this, MedSIR strives to:
  • Satisfy Quality standards in the development of its activities, both scientific and managerial, and
  • Create a culture of constant assessment and improvement within the company.
Also, MedSIR’s Quality Policy reinforces corporate cohesion and identity and provides a framework that enables the company to carry out its professional activity in a responsible and sustainable manner. Under all the aforementioned premises, MedSIR’s Board of Directors are dedicated to:
  • Providing the necessary resources that enable the development and implementation of the Quality Policy that the company desires, both internally as well as among its outsourced services
  • Assuring that the company’s Quality goals are within reach and are known by all MedSIR personnel given that employee contribution and implication are fundamental to achieving these goals.
  • Guaranteeing that MedSIR personnel has the training and sufficient resources to reach these Quality goals.
  • Providing strong support for the continuous improvement of company processes and activities.
Due to the perfect correlation between client satisfaction and the quality with which MedSIR achieves explicitly established requirements at the beginning of each and every project -or during the development, evaluation and measurement of its clients’ level of satisfaction- its Quality Policy provides important information that helps to improve the level with which it can respond to its clients’ necessities. Finally, all this helps MedSIR to satisfactorily achieve its mission: improve patient lives through the design and management of strategic and innovative clinical trials that help pharmaceutical companies quickly and sufficiently develop their compounds.

Our Warmest Regards,

Maria Campos, Strategic Director