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MedSIR currently centers the bulk of its activity in Clinical Research in Oncology in Woman’s Health, primarily Breast Cancer (examples are the PHERGain, PARSIFAL, THELMA, and KELLY Trials). However, since it was founded in 2012, MedSIR has branched off into other tumor types, such as Lung and Prostate Cancer (examples being the AZENT, SLLIP, and EXCAAPE trials).

The MedSIR concept of providing a platform to facilitate the development of ideas into strategic and coherent clinical study protocols can be, and has been, easily extrapolated to other tumor types. MedSIR‘s pipeline of trial concepts -originating from ideas from established Medical Oncology Experts and Rising Stars- is progressively becoming more and more diverse, incorporating not only new tumor types, but also including modern and innovative trial designs such as umbrella and multi-tumor basket trials.

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