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Before arriving in Madrid, MedSIR had a good idea of what to expect from a 5-day, international meeting in Oncology. In this fast-moving field, the amount of new information, new contacts, new findings, new practice-changing data, and brilliant new ideas is just mind-boggling. However, at ESMO 2017 in Madrid, Spain, MedSIR even surpassed its expectations.

Already five years old, MedSIR has been growing quite a name for itself in the domain of clinical trial design and management in Oncology. Steadily advancing in this competitive field, MedSIR is incessantly building new relationships, renewing old ones, branching out into new tumor types, attracting new and brighter ideas, building confidence among top researchers, institutions, and companies, and finding new ways of optimizing and expanding on its relationships and services.

In Madrid, MedSIR conducted over 25 meetings with established pharmaceutical and diagnostic companies, smaller up-and-comers, and new kids on the block, offering a distinct approach to each client type. This flexibility and adaptability allows for custom-designed quality services for each current and future player in solid tumors…

…And, it also makes for even busier and more exciting events like ESMO 2017. As we continue to grow, we are already fastening our seatbelts for even more productive and activity-filled future events such as SABCS 2017, AACR 2018, and ASCO 2018…

Come join us for the ride!

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