Is MedSIR a Clinical Research Organization?

No, MedSIR is not a classic CRO. The main difference being that MedSIR generates its own ideas -through its international network of experts- for strategic clinical trials that it subsequently manages as the study’s Legal Sponsor (in most cases). Within the core MedSIR team, there are no clinical study monitors and a very large part of Clinical Operations activities are outsourced. MedSIR, however, always carries out Study Project Management.

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Is MedSIR a local Cooperative Group?

No, MedSIR is not a Cooperative Group per se, however similarities do exist between MedSIR and traditional Cooperative Groups. MedSIR, however, works in many tumor domains -not just one- with a way of working that is easily translatable to other areas of medicine. Also, MedSIR doesn’t consist of permanent member sites as with many Coop Groups. Research sites are custom picked per study and picked with no political, national, or linguistic boundaries.

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I’m a Medical Oncologist with an interesting idea for the development of a specific drug but I don’t know how to transform my idea into a clinical trial that I think could help patients and the company behind the drug. Could MedSIR help me out in this process?

One of MedSIR’s core activities is providing a platform for researchers to use in order to develop their idea and transform it into a feasible, strategic, and attractive project for the company behind the molecule. If MedSIR considers your idea of strategic value, we will invite you on board and assist you in developing your project, but you will always remain the captain of the project throughout the process, from initial synopsis until the publication of study results. Intellectual property is fundamental to MedSIR. We don’t play around with it. For the submission of ideas, we have developed a confidential submission platform.

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Do you only manage studies locally in Spain?

No, MedSIR is a company based in Barcelona, Spain, but that operates internationally, both in the search and identification of strategic ideas that can come from anyone anywhere, as well as in the management of its clinical trials. Although it is not always possible or feasible, MedSIR attempts to carry out its trials in multiple countries worldwide. We choose our study sites based on expertise in a given patient population rather than for geographic reasons.

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Does MedSIR work with a specific and limited set of research sites for its trials?

No, MedSIR places high importance in the selection of research sites for each and every one of its clinical trials. Sites are chosen depending on specific characteristics of the patient population needed to complete the trial. Extensive site feasibility processes and face-to-face visits are always carried out with potential sites. We do not limit ourselves to specific countries and are open to any region. If you are working in a research center and feel your site would be of interest to MedSIR to carry out one of our Clinical Trials, please contact us here.

Is MedSIR only dedicated to Breast Cancer?

No, MedSIR currently centers the bulk of its activity in Breast Cancer, but since it was founded MedSIR has branched off into other tumor types, such as lung and endometrial cancer. Moreover, the MedSIR concept can be easily extrapolated to other areas of medicine, and, in fact, MedSIR has already begun initial discussions in other fields.

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I have experience working in Clinical Research. Would it be possible for me to send my CV to MedSIR?

Yes! MedSIR is a company that is continuously expanding and we are always on the lookout for talented people who can provide immediate value to our team and develop with us as we grow as individuals and as a company. Take a look at our Work with us page if you are interested in submitting your CV to us.

Who is behind the ideas of MedSIR clinical trials?

Ideas can come from anyone anywhere. In fact we invite any and all Health Care Professionals with interesting ideas to submit their proposals to us. Initial MedSIR trials originated from ideas from our core team of experts, but ever since the early days of MedSIR more and more ideas are coming from outside of our inner circle thanks to our continuous development of international networks in all tumor types.

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If you have a question for us that is not found above, please visit our Contact page and send it to us. We would be happy to help!