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Today we are happy to interview our new Business Development guy, Christian Gonzalez.

MedSIR Newsletter Team (MS): Thanks, Christian, for spending some time with us here today.

Christian Gonzalez (CG): Thank you, the pleasure is all mine!

MS: What brought you to MedSIR? How did you discover us?

CG: I learned about MedSIR through LinkedIn… I noticed right away that MedSIR has a very strong online presence… Indeed, MedSIR is constantly updating their followers on social media with the latest in-house developments and news. I then met Maria Campos, our strategy director, who introduced me to François Riva the director of business development. François got me hooked! It has been a great pleasure being part of his team!

Tell us Christian, where were you before? Were you working in the same sector?

CG: I was working in Amsterdam… at a wonderful office at a very large neuroscience research institute and hospital… Over there I was involved in project development, partnering, clinical trials, and also preclinical projects in neuroscience… prior to that I was working in consulting… and for many years, in a previous life, I worked in cancer research at several research centers and hospitals in both the US and Europe. MedSIR is by far one of the most exciting places where I´ve worked… good science and very enthusiastic colleagues!

MS:I understand then that you are used to traveling a lot. In how many countries have you lived in? Where would you stay?

CG: I have lived in seven countries. I´ve spent the most time in the United States… in New York City and Cambridge. Those two cities are very special to me… New York being a cosmopolitan and interesting place to be at and Cambridge being an international biotech hub… With that said, I wouldn´t trade Barcelona for either of them. Barcelona is a beautiful city with wonderful people… and importantly, it is a prominent center for research and development… specially in oncology. There is a number of world-renowned hospitals and research centers in this area… indeed, it´s a great place to be if you work in oncology! I stay in Barcelona!

MS: As you already know, this year we jump to US with a new office there. We think that this is an important step for MedSIR. Could you tell us your opinion about this?

CG: I think having a foot in America is a critical strategic move for MedSIR… it is also a very exciting project. For sure our clients will be very interested in seeing how that office develops… so stay tuned!

MS: And if we have to talk about the company…. What’s your opinion about the way we work at MedSIR? (#medsirstyle)

CG: It´s great being at MedSIR… The first thing I noticed when I started at MedSIR was how passionate and dedicated everyone is… to their project, to cancer research in general. You see the Trial Managers and the Site Managers giving their all to ensure the successful execution of projects… There is also a lot of flexibility in how we work and I think that this is a key element that contributes to our success. I am part of the Business Development Department… it is a small and tightly knit team spearheaded by François Riva as I mentioned earlier… We are tasked with identifying and developing new ideas together with our collaborators… it´s a process in which we all contribute… it truly is teamwork. This is something that I really value. We are constantly updating each other and discussing project progress or any challenges. François has fostered a great collaborative working culture within our team making it a great place to be!

MS: Tell us more about you… What do you do in your free time to free your mind from MedSIR?

CG: Well I moved to Barcelona fairly recently… and it is summer… so I enjoy getting out town on weekends and exploring Catalonia. I´ve recently taken Olympic weightlifting too… let´s see how that goes!

MS: Thanks so much Christian for your time!

CG: Thank you again!

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