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Today we are happy to spend a brief moment with Joan Cama, who joined MedSIR in May 2016 as our Financial and IT Department Manager.

MedSIR Newsletter Team (MS): Thanks, Joan, for spending some time with us here today.

Joan cama (JC): Thank you, it’s good to be here with you today!

MS: What brought you to MedSIR?

JC: Well, I had just finished a project in a multinational company when I heard that MedSIR was looking for someone to implement a new software in the Financial Department. I had an interview with Maria Campos and she finally gave me the opportunity to join the MedSIR team. This innovative company was founded only 5 years ago in Barcelona, which is an area, that together with nearby Valencia and Madrid and surrounding areas, represents a true international Hub for Clinical Research in Medical Oncology. Top individuals and research groups populate this region. All together this represented a huge motivation to apply for this job.

MS: What’s your opinion about the way we work at MedSIR? What do you think about working home-based? Is it possible for a member of the Financial Department?

JC: MedSIR is a company with a special way of working. I would say different from the rest of conventional companies that we are used to. There’s no timetable, but it does not mean that employees can work fewer hours. We all should organize our schedule in order to achieve our own strict milestones, meaning that employee’s engagement is higher and therefore we work harder. At MedSIR it’s HOW we do things that sets us apart and we are convinced that our innovative and flexible way of working can really provide value to companies, helping them to overcome this intrinsically challenging sector.

This organize-as-you-want-thing is extremely related with home working. In my opinion, it’s a good idea to reduce time wasted on commuting but, in my case, I only work home-based when I need to finish some work without distraction. For a financial team member it’s obviously feasible to work home-based, however, I prefer to take care of my daily tasks at the office hand-in-hand with my colleagues, not only those from the Financial Department.

MS: Sounds exciting! What’s your favorite thing about your job? And the worst thing?

JC: The worst thing is the everyday repetitive tasks. In MedSIR we all prefer dynamic challenges over daily routine. And my favorite thing is to help the company optimize resources and internal processes in order to carry out successful clinical trials that benefit patients and provide added-value to our clients. We are always trying to improve how we do things, whether in our well-known domain for Breast Cancer, but also in the newer fields like Lung, Ovarian, Prostate, etc… Getting better every day is part of our DNA

MS: Tell us about your hobbies. We know you love motorbike riding, is that what you do in your free time?

JC: It’s true, motorbike riding is exciting to me. This past year it’s been a bit complicated for me to organize, but I would like to plan soon my next experience: from Barcelona to Paris!. I only need to know how to convince my wife, which I guess will be the most difficult part of the trip …(laughs). Aside from motorbiking I also like reading, enjoying a good movie in the cinema and spending my free time with my family.

MS: Thanks so much for your time Joan

JC: It’s been a pleasure!

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