Osimertinib at ESMO: Great news for MedSIR’s AZENT Trial!

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One of the events that made the moist noise at this month’s ESMO Congress in Madrid, Spain was the presentation of Astra Zeneca’s osimertinib results in non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC). The FLAURA study was a randomised phase III clinical trial comparing osimertinib to standard of care erlotinib or gefitinib as first-line therapy in NSCLC patients with EGFR exon 19 or 21 mutations. The median progression-free survival was 18.9 months with osimertinib compared to 10.2 months for the standard therapy. The benefit in progression-free survival was consistent across all subgroups, including patients with and without brain metastases at the start of the study.

This is obviously amazing news for metastatic lung cancer patients with this difficult-to-treat disease and in dire need for novel therapeutic options. It is likewise excellent news to us at MedSIR. We are very proud and elated to be currently running a trial in Spain called the AZENT trial, which is actively enrolling patients across nearly a dozen centers in Spain. The FLAURA results give us great hope that patients in the AZENT trial -which is looking at the role of osimertinib in first-line metastatic NSCLC patients who harbor both the EGFR mutation and the concomitant EGFR T790M mutation- will also achieve excellent benefit. You can get more information at the following link

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