Our Vision


Our vision is to become an international reference for the innovative design and management of strategic clinical trials that help to improve patient lives, add knowledge to science, and aid companies in achieving success with their products.


Our mission is to take pride and joy in improving patient lives by fully dedicating ourselves, via international networking, to the design and management of innovative and strategic clinical trials that help companies to quickly and efficiently develop their products.

At MedSIR, we create a dynamic, flexible, team-oriented and fun working environment thanks to following our core values. We permanently have in mind these values, because they make us what we are today and what we strive to become tomorrow.


1. Patient welfare is always the focal point of our activities and decisions.

2. We strictly comply with Regulatory and Ethical Requirements in all our processes and interventions.

3. Integrity, Trust and Mutual Respect are core to our everyday activities, both internal and with our partners.

4. We stand behind High Quality Scientific and Clinical Standards in all our processes and interventions to guarantee that achieved results are fully accepted and relevant to the medical community and patients.

5. We value and encourage Critical Thinking and Intellectual Challenge to be a motor for our continuous improvement.

6. We proactively assure that any individual group or organization collaborating with MedSIR complies with our established High Quality Standard Procedures.

7. We create Shared-Value as a fundamental way of doing business while adding value to society.

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