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    Scientific Support

    With a Master’s Degree in Biomedical Sciences and a Postgraduate Specialization School in Clinical Biochemistry from the University of Bari (Italy), Andrea confirmed his desire to deepen his knowledge in the field of Molecular Oncology and Translational Medicine. In 2007, Andrea started his work experience as Research Fellow at the National Cancer Institute of Bari (Italy), where his research activity was mainly focused on the identification of new potential molecular biomarkers of prognosis and response to treatment in breast cancer and colorectal tumors.

    In 2013, Andrea decided to give an international scope to his research training, moving to Barcelona (Spain) with a European Marie Skłodowska-Curie fellowship under his arm. After an experience as Visiting Research Fellow at the Medical University of Vienna (Austria), Andrea obtained his PhD in Biomedicine from the University of Barcelona in 2016 with a translational-minded thesis about the role of TGF-β on “stemness” properties in human hepatocellular carcinoma.

    As part of his second Master’s Degree in Management and Monitoring of Clinical Trials from the CEU Cardenal Herrera University of Valencia (Spain), Andrea joined MedSIR in April 2017 as Project Management Assistant. His passion for Health & Life Sciences, his strong experience in basic/translational research in Oncology with a proven publication track record and his motivation for professional challenges have played a key role in Andrea’s advancement to Site Manager and Medical Writer since October 2017.

    Andrea speaks English, Spanish, and Italian fluently.



    Scientific Support

    After obtaining a Chemistry and a Biochemistry Degree from the University of Salamanca and a Molecular Biotechnology Master’s Degree from the University of Barcelona, Roldán decided he wanted to study tumor metabolism in order to find new diagnostic methods and therapeutic approaches to fight cancer. In 2014 he obtained a PhD in Molecular Biology with a focus in cancer metabolomics in the University of Barcelona, and subsequently he worked as a Post-Doc Researcher, Project Manager and Assistant Professor in the University of Barcelona.

    During his years of experience in scientific research, Roldán acquired expertise not only in the molecular study of cancer and in many different biochemical analysis techniques, but also in setting up new methods and workflows, supervising junior scientists and coordinating both public and privately founded academic-industry collaborative projects.

    In 2016 he started a Master’s Degree in Medical Studies Monitoring by the Barcelona Official College of Physicians, and in 2017 he joined MedSIR fascinated by the company’s approach to strategically-designed, patient-centered, investigator-driven clinical trials in oncology. His expertise in health sciences, his passion about translational medical research and his experience with multidisciplinary projects make him an ideal addition to MedSIR’s team, and a fierce enthusiast of our vision of developing innovative ways to improve the lives of cancer patients worldwide.

    Roldán speaks English, Spanish, and Catalan fluently.



    International Network Specialist

    Christian obtained his PhD in Genetics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in 2010. He carried out his PhD research at the Center for Cancer Research (CCR), where he investigated the effects of abnormal chromosome content – a phenomenon found across many tumor types – on cell growth and cell division. This experience cemented his passion for cancer research. 

    Shortly after his PhD, Christian began his career in the pharmaceutical industry as a research consultant at Deallus Consulting in London (United Kingdom). At Deallus, he worked in a wide range of competitive intelligence projects spanning Oncology, Generics and Vaccines. Following this experience, Christian returned to the lab and joined the Department of Systems Biology at Columbia University Medical Center in New York. At Columbia, Christian developed – in close collaboration with fellow clinicians from the Department of Neurosurgery – a method to study protein synthesis in brain tumors using next-generation sequencing tools. Christian then returned to Europe and, following a stay at the Danish Cancer Society Research Center in Copenhagen, he joined the Industry Alliance Office of Amsterdam Neuroscience as a Business Development Manager. In this role, Christian worked with principal investigators from universities and hospitals in the greater Amsterdam area and with European and international pharma stakeholders, with a view to developing collaborative projects at both the clinical and preclinical levels and advancing new diagnostic tools and new therapies in several neurological disease indications. Christian has a keen interest in clinical development and in helping to bring new treatment options to patients.

    Christian speaks English and Spanish fluently and has working knowledge of French. He has lived in several countries in Europe, North America and the Caribbean, and he thoroughly enjoys traveling. 




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    Medical Scientist

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