Workshop on Advances in Immuno-Oncology: New Tools for Modern Oncology

Under the title «Workshop on Advances in Immuno-Oncology: New Tools for Modern Oncology», the members of the Scientific Committee developed a dynamic program, structured in presentations and work teams that ensured the global participation of both the speakers and the participants.

This meeting gave us the opportunity to familiarize ourselves with the basic knowledge of immunotherapy in oncology, with special interest in the latest scientific advances and, at the same time, use useful work tools for day to day. Oncologists from all over Spain worked together on learning new concepts to be able to face the challenges of cancer immunotherapy for the next decade.

Meeting characteristics

Through an innovative format, this meeting was designed with the aim of enjoying learning new concepts related to cancer immunotherapy. We had the assistance of 40 invited participants who were in work teams to assimilate current knowledge in immuno-oncology and build the language of oncology of the coming decades.

With the integration of presentations and work teams, the attendees conceptualized the content of the expert lectures of the experts and developed and structured their knowledge in group sessions, through simple and creative tools that allowed them to organize and assimilate the information in a way pleasant and innovative.

Finally, a sharing of the work of the teams was carried out, which allowed attendees to receive constructive feedback, offering the opportunity to obtain a 360 degree view of the concepts of immuno-oncology.